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Basketball Program



The Gateway Sports Basketball Program was formed to have youth learn the productive mechanisms of team sports, teamwork, discipline and cooperation through basketball. We teach these concepts using professional athletes who are dedicated to exemplifying these principles.

Gateway Sports Basketball provides instruction in ball handling and basketball shooting techniques, as well as it serves as a basis for learning important life lessons such as self-confidence and the value of self-discipline. Our mission is to teach our members using the most effective methods, to help them be their best on the basketball court and beyond.

Our program is geared towards kids ages 6 and up.  Our goal is to teach the fundamentals of the game of basketball, while infusing the ideals of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play.

Skill Learning and Levels

Students are classed according to their age and within each age group, according to their skill level. The age groups are 6-8yrs, 9-11yrs and 12-16yrs.

Level I:
At this level, our kids are taught the very basics of basketball.  They learn about the rules of the game, terms used and basic skills such as passing, dribbling, and shooting.

Level II:
During this level, we introduce more complicated drills.  These drills are designed to further develop, as well as reinforce the skills our kids learn in level one.

Level III:
At level three, our kids are trained to compete.  We teach them the proper ways to play defensive and how to run offensive plays.  Learning these skills will prepare them to join and compete with the Gateway Sports Basketball Team.

Gateway Sports Basketball Team
This is a group of dedicated individuals who have reached the highest level in our basketball program and have been selected to receive further training, to compete against other teams. The Gateway Sports Basketball Team competes every Friday in different leagues, hoping to achieve and be the best in their sport.

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